What do you call an annoying child?

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What do you call a annoying child?

A brat is a rude, unpleasant youngster, according to the dictionary.

What do you call a bratty child?

a young person, usually one who misbehaves. Brat, rascal, fool, and devil.

What is the meaning of annoying kid?

1 to aggravate or disappoint. 2 to assault repeatedly to torment.

What is the word for childish behavior?

You can find 53 other words for childish on this page, including immaturity, sophomoricity, kiddish, childlike, juvenile, puerile, naivete, babyish, petulant, infantile, and ludicrous.

What is a petulant person?

The meaning of petulant

1: arrogant or impolite in speech or conduct. Peevish is characterized by fleeting or erratic bad humor.

Is the word kiddo offensive?

But while the person using the phrase may believe it to be a pleasant statement of affection, it doesn’t always come across that way. Kiddo may also be arrogant and condescending. ‘Kiddo’ may rapidly erase all that for a young lady who is trying her best to be considered seriously.

What’s a fancy word for brat?

You can find 29 alternate words for brat on this page, including rascal, holy terror, impudent, spoilt, whippersnapper, rebellious youngster, minx, scum, tiny angel, cloak, and scamp.

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What is worse than a brat?

(or scallywag), rascal, scoundrel, or varlet.

Whats a good name for a spoiled brat?


  • holy dread
  • juvenile offender.
  • a little fright
  • punk child
  • snot-nosed child
  • a spoilt brat
  • whippersnapper.

What is an annoying person called?

disagreeable, bothersome, vexatious, irksome, and galling.

What is a Misopedist?

the meaning of misopedist

: someone who despises kids.

Are children called Littles?

“Littles” (to describe children)

“Not for the children, but for the person looking after them, it is incredibly infantilizing. It has the ring of a collective word for a charming animal. The statement is insulting and gets on my nerves because you’re not raising some small object; you’re raising a human being.”

What is a petulant diva?

1.2An arrogant, temperamental, and hard-to-please person; usually used to women; “she is much more the dedicated maverick than the petulant diva.”

What’s the definition of Magniloquent?

Definition of majestic

: exhibiting or speaking in a pompous, sometimes bombastic, or boastful way.

What is a waspish personality?

1. Peevish or irascible; petulant; easily irritated or angered.

What is meant by stoutly?

1: a strong character, for example. daring; courageous. b: steadfast, committed also: stubborn; unyielding. 2: robust or physically strong: a: solid, active.

What is a mercurial man?

Someone who is mercurial is described as being intelligent, vivacious, and fast, or as having a changing and unpredictable mood or conduct.

What does kiddo mean in slang?

Kiddo – what does that mean? A youngster or someone younger than the speaker is referred to or addressed as “kiddo” in casual speech. Any individual of any gender may utilize it. Usually, it’s meant to suggest familiarity or love. Particularly while speaking to one’s own kid or grandchild, it is a common practice.

What is the synonym of kid?

Find 72 synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and related terms for kid on this page, including youngster, boy, child, girl, tiddler, pull the leg of, fawn, toddler, baby, adult, and kin.

When did kiddos become a word?

Kiddo was first used in 1905, according to records.

What can I say instead of the B word?

What is another word for bitch?

keen wail
grieve lament
nag snivel
whinge bemoan
holler plain

What do you call a boy brat?

[informal] “I don’t like it” A pampered brat, he is. Synonyms include youngster, child, urchin, and imp More words for brat.

What is a British word for brat?

spoiled kid devil. Stupid little you, you! (Informal) puppy cub

What is spoiled child syndrome?

When parents fail to set consistent, age-appropriate boundaries, their children often exhibit excessively self-centered and immature conduct. This condition is known as the “spoiled child syndrome.” Numerous problematic behaviors that worry parents have nothing to do with spoiling as it is correctly understood.

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What is a rich girl name?

Powerful Rich Girl Names

Elvira Amelia Tinsley
Aurora Evangeline Jeannette
Iris Ivey Mariana
Yelena Jewel Lenora
Thea Kathleen Annabelle

What’s a nice word for annoying?

The phrases irritating, bothersome, problematic, pestering, irksome, pestiferous, teasing, nagging, and troubling are just a few of the 72 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words you can find on this page.

What is the synonym for annoying?

Frequent Questions Regarding Annoyance

The verbs harass, harry, pester, plague, tease, and worry are some frequent synonyms for irritate. All of these terms have the same meaning—”to disturb or irritate by persistent acts”—but the word “annoy” refers to a disturbance of calm or peace of mind brought on by intrusion, interference, or trivial assaults.

How do you politely say annoying?


  1. abrasive,
  2. aggravating,
  3. bothersome,
  4. carking,
  5. chafing,
  6. disturbing,
  7. exasperating,
  8. frustrating,

How do I annoy my mom?

25 Ways to Annoy Your Mom

  1. While she is sleeping, lean over to her bed and whisper, “Mom.
  2. While she is sleeping, stand next to her bed and gently prod her arm until she awakens.
  3. 30 minutes after going to sleep, she’ll wake up sobbing (or throwing up, or with a wet bed, or having a bad dream).

Is it okay for your mom to call you names?

Never call someone a name, whether it’s a parent or a lover. If your mother calls you derogatory or irate names, it may be an indication of emotional abuse. But you may work to put yourself in a position where you can put their names behind you.

Is it OK to call your child names?

Abuse, insulting words, or name-calling are name-calling. It is an instance of interpersonal bullying. Sadly, youngsters frequently engage in this conduct. Sibling bullying frequently involves name-calling, which is sometimes ignored as fun or mocking.

What is the meaning of Grandiloquently?

speaking or expressing oneself in an elevated manner, frequently to the point of becoming pretentious or bombastic

What is loquacious context clues?

Speaking of Loquacious’s Definition

Loquacious often implies “excessively talkative.” in less poetic contexts. The Latin word loqui, which means “to speak.” is the root of all of this chatter. The words colloquial, eloquent, soliloquy, and ventriloquism are also descended from loqui.

What is the meaning of exemplification?

Exemplification explained

1a: exemplifying is an action or process. b: an illustration; a specific instance. 2: a paper that serves as an example.

What is a Waspy girl?

Waspy (in comparison, more waspy; in contrast, most waspy) (slang) Like a wasp, a representative of the prevailing upper-class culture in America who is white and Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

What is the acronym wasp mean?

Naturally, the abbreviation WASP stands for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, but compared to other acronyms, this one is more lacking. Many people, including numerous presidents and influential leaders, were white, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant yet they were not WASPs.

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What does splenetic mean in English?

Splenetic explained

1 dated: prone to sadness. 2: characterized by anger, malice, or spite.

What does it mean to be a mercurian?

Mercurian definition (Entry 2 of 2) 1: A Mercury-born person. 2: one that is thought by palm readers to be marked by cunning, speed, and vigor and has a well-developed Mount of Mercury and a long, big finger of Mercury.

What does trepidation US mean?

In the presence or expectation of danger, the words fear, dread, fright, alarm, panic, terror, and apprehension denote an unpleasant agitation.

What is the synonym of laconic?

Compendious, concise, pithy, succinct, summarizing, and terse are some typical synonyms for laconic. All of these terms refer to something that is “very brief in statement or expression,” but laconic denotes brevity to the point that it appears unpleasant, uncaring, or enigmatic.

What does ditto mean in text?

DITTO is an informal term that means what you have stated about one person or thing also applies to other people or things, according to the Britannica Dictionary.

What is a mischievous child called?

one who is jokingly sneaky. synonyms include monkey, rapscallion, scalawag, and scamp. types: brat, small terror, holy terror, and terror. an extremely difficult child. child, fry, kid, minor, nestling, nipper, shaver, little fry, tiddler, tike, tyke, youngster are examples of this sort of person.

What do you call a 12 year old?

Preadolescents are referred to as such in psychology, although in colloquial speech, the phrases preteen, preteenager, or tween are more prevalent. Anyone under the age of 12 is considered a preteen or preteenager. The word is often reserved for people who are about to turn 13, especially those between the ages of 9 and 12.

What do you call a teenager?

Adolescent. nounperson going through puberty, before reaching maturity. Minor. Stripling.

Is kiddo a name?

Between 1861 and 1920, the Kiddo family name appeared in the USA, the UK, and Scotland. In the USA, 1880 had the highest population of Kiddo households. Three Kiddo families were residing in Missouri in 1880. This represented nearly 50% of all Kiddos in the USA that had been recorded.

What is the she devil?

The meaning of “she-devil”

a lady who embodies the devil (as in harshness toward or torment of others)

How do you change the F word?

What the cuss? 50 swear-word alternatives

  1. Balderdash!
  2. Shatner, William
  3. Nuts to Corn!
  4. Dagnabbit!
  5. Son of a chimp!
  6. Barnacles!
  7. Oh my God!
  8. feces on a stick!

Is heck a swear word?

Hell is not a profanity, no. Even though some people might find it provocative, it isn’t vulgar. It’s just a polite way of expressing “hell” or other four-letter words.